Air Rifle Buyer Guide

Air rifles are great for anyone who wants to do game hunting and join contests. For the first timers, choosing an air rifle can be confusing and intimidating because of its many features and parts. The types of air rifles have evolved and the material used for making them are also better.

air rifle

Air rifle buyer guide


Before air rifles, only used fire steel BBS, but pellets are being used more often today because it is safer and more advanced.


Consider the kind of optic used for the air rifle you have is important because air rifles with scopes give you a better view of the target giving you more shooting accuracy even from a longer distance. A good optic will provide you better magnification. If the scope says its 4×32, 4 tells you how much times the object becomes closer when you are viewing it through the optic. The 32 indicates the size of the lens in mm or it is better known as the objective lens. The bigger the objective lens, the better it will be able to gather more light so you can view the target better. The scope parallax also matters when choosing scopes.


There are accessories for air gun which are used for cleaning pellets, and a cleaning rod for the insides of the gun. Maintenance is important for keeping the life span of the gun longer.


The weight of the rifle will also matter if you are going to take it for hunting from different positions. A heavy rifle is inconvenient if you will need to change location every so often.  Some rifles are also better for killing bigger animals but most of them offer the same function.


If you are not yet strong enough to handle a recoil, you can consider getting a gun first which has less recoil and shock. Although you can buy attachments for air rifles that can help absorb shock.

You will be able to choose the best air gun if you will take a look at these considerations because they are very important. Getting a good air rifle is the first step, but some scopes will cost more than the rifle itself because your rifle will not be useful enough if you don’t have a good scope. It lets you see animals from a farther distance depending on the magnification capacity of your scope. For serious hunters, the more costly rifles and scopes are recommended because they give you a better chance of hitting a target.

Experts will be willing to help you choose the best air rifle, but if you already have an initial knowledge of what you are looking for, you will not have a hard time understanding what the professional is telling you. Understanding air rifles is important because you will no longer get confused when you enter a store and people are offering all kinds of air rifle designs and models.

Choose the best one for you so you won’t get disappointed.

Best Fisher Hunting Knives

hunting knifeFisher hunting knives are world class and handmade. The price for the item guarantees that there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Jay Fisher sells knives which are handcrafted by him and his prices will not go down because his knives take time to make. And you will not find them being sold in online stores because he does not mass produce. He makes the finest knives in the world and we will talk about the best knife he has to offer.

Best Fisher Hunting Knife

Korath tactical knife

This knife is light weight, acute, effective and small especially made for combat and military use. The blade was made using ATS-34 molybdenum high chromium stainless tool which is a very modern and trusted material because it is very tough and does not wear out. It is very durable and can resist high temperatures making it perfect for any condition. The blade is non-reflective which will not let light give your position away in case you are hiding from terrorists. The sheath is very tactical and comes with an accessory package. The coyote brown double thick kydex was formed hot on a walt-frame of aluminum 5052 corrosion-free alloy and H32 hardness. Bead blasted slotted 304 stainless steel secures the welts for strong protection and no glare. The sheath will secure the knife 100% unless a very strong mechanism removes the knife.

The accessories of this product

Ultimate belt loop extender, stream light attached to the sheath for night vision, emergency lamp back up in case something fails to work, horizontal belt loop plates, sternum harness, flat strap plates, belt loops, lanyards, tools, and hardware.

The overall length is 10.5”, the blade length is 5.3”, and the thickness is .226 cm and the weight is 11.0 oz.  The sheath is hybrid tension-locking coyote kydex aluminum stainless steel and titanium.

The price for this knife is $2895.00

Power of the Knife

With the power of this knife, you will become more ready for combat and have a better chance at surviving a terrorist attack. The non-reflective blade will protect you from being spotted and the risk of being killed. The lifetime durability of this knife makes it the ultimate tactical knife for combat use and killing your attacker or for hunting. The world class method of making this knife makes it standout from others in the market and you will buy the knife from jay Fisher Himself. Every time he gets an order to make a knife, he creates just one copy of that knife for inventory because every knife he make sis usually by order only and the knives he has available for sale are very limited. His knives are being used by military forces today for combat and perfect camouflage to go along with the rifles. When you ask Jay Fisher why his knives are expensive, he will tell you that they are handcrafted by him and no one else makes them. His knives are not petty and it’s unlike any other knife in the world.

If you are looking for a special survival knife and have the money to spend , you can consider a Fisher Knife, but you would have to wait a while because he has a long list of orders.


Red Dot Scopes Review

Red Dot ScopesThose who own an air rifle always want to have something better as time goes by because when they become better, they also want something that will be able to serve their needs. Red dot scopes are built for better aiming and shooting accuracy. When a red dot hits the center of the target, there is a high chance that the target will be shot. Here are some of the best red dot scopes in the market.

Red Dot Scopes Reviews

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope

This has an amber bright-high contrast located lens. The front lens can be tilted using the LED light to produce a red dot. The source of the red dot LED secures the inside with an adhesive to keep it in place. Do not set the intensity too high because the red dot might become blurry. Be careful in choosing the illumination when using there is a setting for it which can be used for special conditions only.

This product is made with a very good sight making it easy for you to open your eyes even when the sun is too bright. It is made to withstand extremely bring conditions and also when you use it at night.

The features are: 3MOA Red dot, Multi-coated optics, 100% waterproof, shock proof, and fog proof. The battery is C2032

A lot of positive reviews are given for this product because they it is made for extremely crucial conditions. This is one of the best red dot scopes to buy in the market (more reviews of best selling rifle scopes can be read on

Price is $78.99

Truglo Red-Dot 30Mm Dual Color Sight, Black

This has a 5MOA reticle that is designed for fast acquisition with a dual reticle illumination colored red and green. It is shock proof, fog proof, and waterproof. This comes with an unlimited eye relief and wide view. It has rheostat for controlling brightness with lenses that are multi-coated. The anti-reflective feature prevents the light from hitting your eyes and not be able to see the target. This comes with a lifetime unlike most red dot scopes.

This is made for all weather conditions and its weight is 7.2 lbs.

This item is getting mixed review although mostly are good. It will depend on the condition you are going to use it for.

The price for this one is $52.10


These are 2 of the best in the market even if some are giving it mixed reviews. It all depends on the conditions you will use it for because some are better in some conditions than others. If you are looking to up your game in air rifle shooting, you should buy a good scope for a better vision. Red dot scopes can be used even at night. If you need to see a target in poor conditions, this is also considerable.

Whatever your requirements are, there is a red dot scope out there for you. Do your job in researching well and knowing what you are really looking for a red dot scope. Sometimes price does not determine how good a rifle scope is so pick the best one for you.

Trail Camera Buyer Guide

Buying a rarail camera can be confusing because there are a lot to choose from. If it is your first time to buy a trail camera, you really need to do your research because there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a good trail camera. Of course they will all serve you the same purpose, but the specs and features are the things that will matter most.

trail camera

Trail camera buyer guide


Generally speaking, a camera with a higher megapixel produces with more resolution, but it is not the only thing to consider when choosing the quality of the photos a trail camera can produce. Megapixel differences won’t matter a lot if the object is making a lot of movements.

Battery life

This is important because if the area where you placed the camera has a lot of activity, it will take a lot of photos in a shorter period of time making the life shorter. If the trail camera is placed in an area for hunting with less activity, less battery life is consumed within a specific amount of time. You will spend more on 4 D batteries to take 3,000 photos compared to a 4 AA batteries to take 20,000 photos. The type of battery it requires should also be considered if it is a wireless trail camera.

Photo settings

This is one of the most important things that trail camera lovers look for in photo setting. You can set your camera to take a photo only every 2 or 3 seconds when it has detected motion while other settings can take multiple photos once it has detected animal activity. Some prefer to have a lot of photos even if only a few are good one because they did not miss anything. Another setting is the time lapse photo setting which makes the camera take multiple shots within a given amount of time.

Trigger speed

This will matter a lot if you place your camera on a game trail because trigger refers to the time a camera takes to take a shot once it has detected animal activity. If your camera’s trigger speed is not fast enough, you might miss some great shots. If you placed your camera on a food plot, trigger speed will not matter very much because animals move slower.


This is mostly for night time photos because you cannot use a flash when taking photos because it will scare a deer away. The infrared lets your camera take clear photos even at night without scaring the animal off.


Some trail cameras can already shoot videos and choose one that can shoot HD quality video for better viewing.

These are the most essential factors to look for in a trail camera especially if it’s your first time and you can read trail camera reviews online, for example on You will no longer get confused, confused, fooled, and indecisive. Consider the situations you will use it for so you can choose the type of camera that will be intended for the specific activities you will do. Trail cameras are great for hunting and studying animals, even when using an air rifle.

The Crossbow Guide: Recurve vs. Compound Bow

Some have been thinking about the difference between recurve bow and a compound bow. Both of them are used in the sport of archery, but they differ in size, weight, draw effort, and expertise of the user. When thinking about getting your fist machine for shooting arrows, you must find out what makes the 2 different from each other.


Recurve vs. compound bow


A recurve bow is longer and taller than a compound bow. People also say that the recurve bow is mostly used by experts in the field of archery because they are very similar to the ones being used during medieval that required a lot of skill for shooting an arrow accurately. A recurve arrow only has one sling cable and that is the one that is used to launch the arrow. Since they have a less complicated structure, they are also lighter than compound bows. This takes more human effort and draw weight to launch an arrow. The hand that is extended holding the bow needs to be very steady or else it will affect the direction of the arrow, but some have made Recurve bows that are easier for launching arrows which is a good thing. If you want to use a bow that is lighter and better for polishing your archery skills, this is the one for you. They are also cheaper because of its less complicated mechanism.

Compound bow

Most compound bows are made with heavier material and they contain more sling cables compared to recurve bows. These cables allow you to shoot an arrow with less human effort, but still having a very good aim. Some prefer this to train because even if you need to understand the mechanism of its slightly more complicated structure, firing an arrow using a compound bow make it easier for some people. This bow is more accurate and powerful compared to a recurve arrow because the sling cables give an additional effort in shooting the arrow. This is more expensive compared to the recurve arrow, but if you need something that is more accurate and powerful, this is the one you must get. A less powerful human effort is required for using a compound bow but shooting a moving target is better with this one.

Both of them are good for shooting arrows, but if you need something that requires more skill, the recurve arrow is what you need. More professional archers use the recurve bow and some amateurs prefer the compound bow. To learn more about archery and read crossbow reviews visit Archers Crossbow.

Archery is a – just like air rifle shooting – a fun sport to learn and it will definitely practice your focusing, power, and accuracy skills. Even if archery is a very old tradition, passionate people have made technological advances to keep this sport alive because it just never gets old. You can also shoot arrows for fun and aim at distant targets, but not as far as bullet would go. The distance that the arrow will travel will depend on the power and effort exerted by you.

This requires a lot of skill and practice, but having a good bow will make it fun for you.

What Features Make a Combat Boot Great for Running?

combat-military-bootsFirst you have to ask yourself why someone would use boots instead of running shoes for running. The truth is that boots are never going to be as good as lightweight running shoes for the purposes of running when you’re dealing with flat paved ground, though lightweight boots might give you the overall advantage on rough terrain. Some jobs will require you to run in boots, especially if you’re in the military or law enforcement. Boots provide you the protection that you need on the job because they ride up higher to protect your ankle, whereas shoes provide no ankle protection, though this is what gives you more mobility in them.


The point is that a combat boot needs to be designed for maximum mobility while still providing more protection than running shoes, simply because of the hazardous conditions combat personnel face on an everyday basis.


Running shoes needed by the law enforcement unit


While mobility is important to law enforcement for example, stability is far more important and most law enforcement officers and soldiers will wear 8 inch boots that provide calf protection as well as ankle protection. The strong material on the upper part of the boot is often waterproofed so that the individual will be protected from the elements, such as water, snow or anything else they might step in that could be hazardous to them. 8 inch boots provide extra ankle support which is great for pivoting in tight scenarios, the last thing you want to do is twist your ankle or sprain your ankle, 8 inch boots make it very tough to do either of these things because they prevent you from rolling your ankle. If you are into hunting and going to wear your military boots at outdoors you might want to check our other articles related to hunting.


I guess the best way to describe tactical boots versus working boots would be to suggest that tactical or combat boots are akin to running boots. The most important aspect of choosing this kind of boot is your comfort. As with any shoe or boot you need to make sure that it fits you properly, so you should take plenty of time to make sure that it feels great before using them on the job if possible. Work them in and take steps to keep them cleaned and polished, which will also help work in the leather making them more comfortable for you.


Choosing the best running boots


Running in your combat boots doesn’t have to be a painful affair, you just have to choose good boots for running. It doesn’t matter what your job is, if you’re a security guard, soldier, police officer or EMS you’re going to be very happy to have a really good pair of boots that are made for you to move your ass when the time is right. So what makes a good pair of running boots?


As it was said before having a good fit is extremely important. You want the boots to be snug, but not too tight. Your heel should not move, but your boot should also not be constricting blood flow at all. You’re going to need very solid traction and the best way to do this is to find good combat boots with a strong outsole which will prevent you from slipping and prevent you from hurting your ankle during a quick pivot in tight areas. You’re going to want boots that are malleable, boots that will provide you with a high level of flexibility and a good range of motion. Unlike other work boots where your desire is maximum protection, when you’re going to be running you want your boots to provide you with some protection, but you’re going to need to be able to run and you don’t want your boots holding you back, so flexibility is key. You’re going to want your boots to be breathable so that your feet aren’t sweating when you’re working your rear off trying to catch a perp and finally your boots must be lightweight so that you don’t have to exert as much energy while running. At the end of the day if your boots are heavy you’re not going to be able to run as far and your job likely will require great sprints out of nowhere, you’re going to need to be able to put maximum energy into the chase and less energy into carrying the weight of your equipment.

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your Rifles Under $500?

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your Rifles

Putting away your gun is not the same as putting away your car keys, wrong placement, carelessness or negligence might lead to an accident that you may live with for the rest of your life. Some countries also require you to show proof of safe storage before you can acquire a firearm or rifle lack of which may lead to losing your fire arms permit.

Firearm storage or safe’s come in the variety of shapes, sizes, and prizes and also vary in use. In some instances you are simply trying to keep your child way from your fire arm while in others you are looking for a safe that would be easily concealable such that an intruder would not make away with your gun in case of a break-in and some fire arm holders also like the appeal of a safe that would protect their gun(s) in case of a fire. Wondering on how to Choose Gun Safe for Your Rifles under $500? Below you will find answers that will bring your search to an end.

How Much Space Do You Need?

It important to establish just how much storage space you require before you start safe shopping for your rifle. Do you own multiple fire arms? Will you need to store ammo in the same space? Answers to this question will help you establish just how big of a space you require all while helping you prepare on where the safe will be stored in advance to avoid inconveniences. Large gun safes are available for storage of multiple firearm s and also for the storage of long rifles, up to 54” tall.

How Much Security Do You Need?

As mentioned earlier, different safes offer different types of security. Some rifle safes have reinforced doors and different locking types that boil down to preference and level of security desired. If you leave your rifle in the house for long periods of time with the house unattended then you may require a different type of safe from an individual who is constantly around the house in a relatively safe area and just needs a safe for storage purposes.

Do You Require Your Safe for anything Else?

Before buying a safe for your rifle it is important to establish whether or not anything else will be stored in this particular safe. This will determine the build and design of the safe you settle for.

Now that you know what to consider before buying a rifle safe or storage unit let us look at some examples of the best safes in each category at under $500.

• Stack-On SS-16-MB-C 16-Gun Security Safe

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your RiflesThis is a perfect example of a high-end rifle safe at only the fraction of the price. The interior is fully carpeted, can hold sixteen firearms that are up to up to fifty-four inches long, has removable shelves and tray organizers and has a top of the line combination lock that is drill resistant.

• Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your RiflesThe doors to this safe are re-enforced which translates to greater security, has a key coded three point locking mechanism installed, the inside is foam padded with removable shelves and two sections that can hold your rifles, ammo and other valuables.

• Barska Large Biometric Safe

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your RiflesWeighing 114 Lb, this safe is quite large but one of the most secure safes at this price range. It features a 5 point deadbolt system, biometric fingerprint sensor that can store up to one hundred and twenty different users’ fingerprints and comes complete with mounting mechanism