Air Rifle Buyer Guide

Air rifles are great for anyone who wants to do game hunting and join contests. For the first timers, choosing an air rifle can be confusing and intimidating because of its many features and parts. The types of air rifles have evolved and the material used for making them are also better.

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Air rifle buyer guide


Before air rifles, only used fire steel BBS, but pellets are being used more often today because it is safer and more advanced.


Consider the kind of optic used for the air rifle you have is important because air rifles with scopes give you a better view of the target giving you more shooting accuracy even from a longer distance. A good optic will provide you better magnification. If the scope says its 4×32, 4 tells you how much times the object becomes closer when you are viewing it through the optic. The 32 indicates the size of the lens in mm or it is better known as the objective lens. The bigger the objective lens, the better it will be able to gather more light so you can view the target better. The scope parallax also matters when choosing scopes.


There are accessories for air gun which are used for cleaning pellets, and a cleaning rod for the insides of the gun. Maintenance is important for keeping the life span of the gun longer.


The weight of the rifle will also matter if you are going to take it for hunting from different positions. A heavy rifle is inconvenient if you will need to change location every so often.  Some rifles are also better for killing bigger animals but most of them offer the same function.


If you are not yet strong enough to handle a recoil, you can consider getting a gun first which has less recoil and shock. Although you can buy attachments for air rifles that can help absorb shock.

You will be able to choose the best air gun if you will take a look at these considerations because they are very important. Getting a good air rifle is the first step, but some scopes will cost more than the rifle itself because your rifle will not be useful enough if you don’t have a good scope. It lets you see animals from a farther distance depending on the magnification capacity of your scope. For serious hunters, the more costly rifles and scopes are recommended because they give you a better chance of hitting a target.

Experts will be willing to help you choose the best air rifle, but if you already have an initial knowledge of what you are looking for, you will not have a hard time understanding what the professional is telling you. Understanding air rifles is important because you will no longer get confused when you enter a store and people are offering all kinds of air rifle designs and models.

Choose the best one for you so you won’t get disappointed.