Best Fisher Hunting Knives

hunting knifeFisher hunting knives are world class and handmade. The price for the item guarantees that there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Jay Fisher sells knives which are handcrafted by him and his prices will not go down because his knives take time to make. And you will not find them being sold in online stores because he does not mass produce. He makes the finest knives in the world and we will talk about the best knife he has to offer.

Best Fisher Hunting Knife

Korath tactical knife

This knife is light weight, acute, effective and small especially made for combat and military use. The blade was made using ATS-34 molybdenum high chromium stainless tool which is a very modern and trusted material because it is very tough and does not wear out. It is very durable and can resist high temperatures making it perfect for any condition. The blade is non-reflective which will not let light give your position away in case you are hiding from terrorists. The sheath is very tactical and comes with an accessory package. The coyote brown double thick kydex was formed hot on a walt-frame of aluminum 5052 corrosion-free alloy and H32 hardness. Bead blasted slotted 304 stainless steel secures the welts for strong protection and no glare. The sheath will secure the knife 100% unless a very strong mechanism removes the knife.

The accessories of this product

Ultimate belt loop extender, stream light attached to the sheath for night vision, emergency lamp back up in case something fails to work, horizontal belt loop plates, sternum harness, flat strap plates, belt loops, lanyards, tools, and hardware.

The overall length is 10.5”, the blade length is 5.3”, and the thickness is .226 cm and the weight is 11.0 oz.  The sheath is hybrid tension-locking coyote kydex aluminum stainless steel and titanium.

The price for this knife is $2895.00

Power of the Knife

With the power of this knife, you will become more ready for combat and have a better chance at surviving a terrorist attack. The non-reflective blade will protect you from being spotted and the risk of being killed. The lifetime durability of this knife makes it the ultimate tactical knife for combat use and killing your attacker or for hunting. The world class method of making this knife makes it standout from others in the market and you will buy the knife from jay Fisher Himself. Every time he gets an order to make a knife, he creates just one copy of that knife for inventory because every knife he make sis usually by order only and the knives he has available for sale are very limited. His knives are being used by military forces today for combat and perfect camouflage to go along with the rifles. When you ask Jay Fisher why his knives are expensive, he will tell you that they are handcrafted by him and no one else makes them. His knives are not petty and it’s unlike any other knife in the world.

If you are looking for a special survival knife and have the money to spend , you can consider a Fisher Knife, but you would have to wait a while because he has a long list of orders.