How to Choose Gun Safe for Your Rifles Under $500?

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your Rifles

Putting away your gun is not the same as putting away your car keys, wrong placement, carelessness or negligence might lead to an accident that you may live with for the rest of your life. Some countries also require you to show proof of safe storage before you can acquire a firearm or rifle lack of which may lead to losing your fire arms permit.

Firearm storage or safe’s come in the variety of shapes, sizes, and prizes and also vary in use. In some instances you are simply trying to keep your child way from your fire arm while in others you are looking for a safe that would be easily concealable such that an intruder would not make away with your gun in case of a break-in and some fire arm holders also like the appeal of a safe that would protect their gun(s) in case of a fire. Wondering on how to Choose Gun Safe for Your Rifles under $500? Below you will find answers that will bring your search to an end.

How Much Space Do You Need?

It important to establish just how much storage space you require before you start safe shopping for your rifle. Do you own multiple fire arms? Will you need to store ammo in the same space? Answers to this question will help you establish just how big of a space you require all while helping you prepare on where the safe will be stored in advance to avoid inconveniences. Large gun safes are available for storage of multiple firearm s and also for the storage of long rifles, up to 54” tall.

How Much Security Do You Need?

As mentioned earlier, different safes offer different types of security. Some rifle safes have reinforced doors and different locking types that boil down to preference and level of security desired. If you leave your rifle in the house for long periods of time with the house unattended then you may require a different type of safe from an individual who is constantly around the house in a relatively safe area and just needs a safe for storage purposes.

Do You Require Your Safe for anything Else?

Before buying a safe for your rifle it is important to establish whether or not anything else will be stored in this particular safe. This will determine the build and design of the safe you settle for.

Now that you know what to consider before buying a rifle safe or storage unit let us look at some examples of the best safes in each category at under $500.

• Stack-On SS-16-MB-C 16-Gun Security Safe

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your RiflesThis is a perfect example of a high-end rifle safe at only the fraction of the price. The interior is fully carpeted, can hold sixteen firearms that are up to up to fifty-four inches long, has removable shelves and tray organizers and has a top of the line combination lock that is drill resistant.

• Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your RiflesThe doors to this safe are re-enforced which translates to greater security, has a key coded three point locking mechanism installed, the inside is foam padded with removable shelves and two sections that can hold your rifles, ammo and other valuables.

• Barska Large Biometric Safe

How to Choose Gun Safe for Your RiflesWeighing 114 Lb, this safe is quite large but one of the most secure safes at this price range. It features a 5 point deadbolt system, biometric fingerprint sensor that can store up to one hundred and twenty different users’ fingerprints and comes complete with mounting mechanism