Red Dot Scopes Review

Red Dot ScopesThose who own an air rifle always want to have something better as time goes by because when they become better, they also want something that will be able to serve their needs. Red dot scopes are built for better aiming and shooting accuracy. When a red dot hits the center of the target, there is a high chance that the target will be shot. Here are some of the best red dot scopes in the market.

Red Dot Scopes Reviews

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope

This has an amber bright-high contrast located lens. The front lens can be tilted using the LED light to produce a red dot. The source of the red dot LED secures the inside with an adhesive to keep it in place. Do not set the intensity too high because the red dot might become blurry. Be careful in choosing the illumination when using there is a setting for it which can be used for special conditions only.

This product is made with a very good sight making it easy for you to open your eyes even when the sun is too bright. It is made to withstand extremely bring conditions and also when you use it at night.

The features are: 3MOA Red dot, Multi-coated optics, 100% waterproof, shock proof, and fog proof. The battery is C2032

A lot of positive reviews are given for this product because they it is made for extremely crucial conditions. This is one of the best red dot scopes to buy in the market (more reviews of best selling rifle scopes can be read on

Price is $78.99

Truglo Red-Dot 30Mm Dual Color Sight, Black

This has a 5MOA reticle that is designed for fast acquisition with a dual reticle illumination colored red and green. It is shock proof, fog proof, and waterproof. This comes with an unlimited eye relief and wide view. It has rheostat for controlling brightness with lenses that are multi-coated. The anti-reflective feature prevents the light from hitting your eyes and not be able to see the target. This comes with a lifetime unlike most red dot scopes.

This is made for all weather conditions and its weight is 7.2 lbs.

This item is getting mixed review although mostly are good. It will depend on the condition you are going to use it for.

The price for this one is $52.10


These are 2 of the best in the market even if some are giving it mixed reviews. It all depends on the conditions you will use it for because some are better in some conditions than others. If you are looking to up your game in air rifle shooting, you should buy a good scope for a better vision. Red dot scopes can be used even at night. If you need to see a target in poor conditions, this is also considerable.

Whatever your requirements are, there is a red dot scope out there for you. Do your job in researching well and knowing what you are really looking for a red dot scope. Sometimes price does not determine how good a rifle scope is so pick the best one for you.