The Crossbow Guide: Recurve vs. Compound Bow

Some have been thinking about the difference between recurve bow and a compound bow. Both of them are used in the sport of archery, but they differ in size, weight, draw effort, and expertise of the user. When thinking about getting your fist machine for shooting arrows, you must find out what makes the 2 different from each other.


Recurve vs. compound bow


A recurve bow is longer and taller than a compound bow. People also say that the recurve bow is mostly used by experts in the field of archery because they are very similar to the ones being used during medieval that required a lot of skill for shooting an arrow accurately. A recurve arrow only has one sling cable and that is the one that is used to launch the arrow. Since they have a less complicated structure, they are also lighter than compound bows. This takes more human effort and draw weight to launch an arrow. The hand that is extended holding the bow needs to be very steady or else it will affect the direction of the arrow, but some have made Recurve bows that are easier for launching arrows which is a good thing. If you want to use a bow that is lighter and better for polishing your archery skills, this is the one for you. They are also cheaper because of its less complicated mechanism.

Compound bow

Most compound bows are made with heavier material and they contain more sling cables compared to recurve bows. These cables allow you to shoot an arrow with less human effort, but still having a very good aim. Some prefer this to train because even if you need to understand the mechanism of its slightly more complicated structure, firing an arrow using a compound bow make it easier for some people. This bow is more accurate and powerful compared to a recurve arrow because the sling cables give an additional effort in shooting the arrow. This is more expensive compared to the recurve arrow, but if you need something that is more accurate and powerful, this is the one you must get. A less powerful human effort is required for using a compound bow but shooting a moving target is better with this one.

Both of them are good for shooting arrows, but if you need something that requires more skill, the recurve arrow is what you need. More professional archers use the recurve bow and some amateurs prefer the compound bow. To learn more about archery and read crossbow reviews visit Archers Crossbow.

Archery is a – just like air rifle shooting – a fun sport to learn and it will definitely practice your focusing, power, and accuracy skills. Even if archery is a very old tradition, passionate people have made technological advances to keep this sport alive because it just never gets old. You can also shoot arrows for fun and aim at distant targets, but not as far as bullet would go. The distance that the arrow will travel will depend on the power and effort exerted by you.

This requires a lot of skill and practice, but having a good bow will make it fun for you.