Trail Camera Buyer Guide

Buying a rarail camera can be confusing because there are a lot to choose from. If it is your first time to buy a trail camera, you really need to do your research because there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a good trail camera. Of course they will all serve you the same purpose, but the specs and features are the things that will matter most.

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Trail camera buyer guide


Generally speaking, a camera with a higher megapixel produces with more resolution, but it is not the only thing to consider when choosing the quality of the photos a trail camera can produce. Megapixel differences won’t matter a lot if the object is making a lot of movements.

Battery life

This is important because if the area where you placed the camera has a lot of activity, it will take a lot of photos in a shorter period of time making the life shorter. If the trail camera is placed in an area for hunting with less activity, less battery life is consumed within a specific amount of time. You will spend more on 4 D batteries to take 3,000 photos compared to a 4 AA batteries to take 20,000 photos. The type of battery it requires should also be considered if it is a wireless trail camera.

Photo settings

This is one of the most important things that trail camera lovers look for in photo setting. You can set your camera to take a photo only every 2 or 3 seconds when it has detected motion while other settings can take multiple photos once it has detected animal activity. Some prefer to have a lot of photos even if only a few are good one because they did not miss anything. Another setting is the time lapse photo setting which makes the camera take multiple shots within a given amount of time.

Trigger speed

This will matter a lot if you place your camera on a game trail because trigger refers to the time a camera takes to take a shot once it has detected animal activity. If your camera’s trigger speed is not fast enough, you might miss some great shots. If you placed your camera on a food plot, trigger speed will not matter very much because animals move slower.


This is mostly for night time photos because you cannot use a flash when taking photos because it will scare a deer away. The infrared lets your camera take clear photos even at night without scaring the animal off.


Some trail cameras can already shoot videos and choose one that can shoot HD quality video for better viewing.

These are the most essential factors to look for in a trail camera especially if it’s your first time and you can read trail camera reviews online, for example on You will no longer get confused, confused, fooled, and indecisive. Consider the situations you will use it for so you can choose the type of camera that will be intended for the specific activities you will do. Trail cameras are great for hunting and studying animals, even when using an air rifle.